Tickling Limp Game with Constance and Reya

Tickling Limp Game with Constance and Reya

My girlfriend, Constance, and I are all giggly and flirty in bed and I suggest that we try something kinky tonight. She’s into being a limp ragdoll and having her body played with and I’m into tickling – so I had the idea that she goes limp and then I tickle her and see how long she can stay limp! I’m betting not for long since Constance is so ticklish! She’s up for the challenge and I give her a pretend sleeperhold knock out. She rolls her eyes back and then slowly falls limply into my arms. I start playing with her body like she likes (she’s soo good at being COMPLETELY limp for me), sitting her up, shaking her arms around by her wrists, flopping her around, lifting up her limbs and letting them drop, etc. Then I lay her down and slowly crawl up the length of her body and run my hair lightly over her belly. Then I start lighting grazing her sides with my fingers, digging in slightly. She starts wiggling, trying to keep a straight face and still be out and limp. Hehe! I flip her over and straddle her, going down to her feet. OMG they’re so ticklish and I know she’s having a hard time. They are up and exposed for me and I start scratching the bottoms of her heels, spidering my fingernails up and down her soles. Constance squirms to try to get away, but she can’t move tooo much….it’s driving her crazy! I do that for a bit and then go up to her underarms and sides, all of her most ticklish spots! After a long time of limping and tickling her, she’s doing pretty well! I gently tap her “awake” and she says that that was so fun, but so hard to do! With a sinister smile, I tell her that now it’s time to go limp for REAL and I put her in another sleeperhold! She struggles, as she was not expecting this! Now I’ll REALLY be able to limp tickle her haha! I have some fun with her body for awhile and then tap her awake. She has no idea what happened, of course, but she’s turned on that I did that to her. I ask her if she wants me to show her what I did and I start tickling her belly! She squeals and laughs, full of surprise and giggles!

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April 5, 2019