Jessica Nova Gets Tickled by Her Boyfriend

Jessica Nova Gets Tickled by Her Boyfriend

Guess who gets revenge after getting tickle tortured by his girlfriend, Jessica Nova? Kiryu! Now pretty Jessica Nova is tied to the chair and unable to move while Kiryu has his way with her! He has ever so much fun tickling his defenseless lady, starting with her underarms and sides. Jessica has a such a great, hearty laugh and she’s ticklish all over her body. Kiryu teases and taunts her as he tickles underneath her big boobs and we can see her hard nipples through her tight shirt! He gets her for awhile there and then moves down to her thighs and knees, moving down to her feet, taking them into his lap to tickle them more effectively. Jessica squeals and giggles as he masterfully moves his fingertips and nails up and down her soles! She begs him to stop, but of course he isn’t going to listen! He moves back to other spots that he found effective, giving her a thorough, all-over tickling session!

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April 12, 2019