Janira and Reya’s ENF Clothing Disappearance Embarrassment

Janira and Reya’s ENF Clothing Disappearance Embarrassment

Roommates Janira Wolfe and Reya Fet keep getting into these wacky clothes-disappearing scenarios that leave them naked and mortified and in full public view! First, Janira is sitting on her balcony enjoying the sunshine and pondering whether or not to go down to the pool when her little crocheted top suddenly disappears off of her body! She is left topless and having to cover up her boobs so people don’t see them! Omg, how could this have happened? No one is even around! Reya comes out drinking a glass of wine and is a bit amused by Janira’s panicky state. She tells her to run inside quickly, maybe no one will see her. Craziness! Reya stays on the balcony for a bit, drinking her wine and watching the pool-goers when she looks down and her skirt is gone…and she wasn’t wearing any underwear! WTF? She looks around, but it is nowhere to be found. A now dressed Janira comes out and sees that the shoe is now on the other foot and Reya is in the same predicament she was in! Reya runs inside and Janira is left puzzled…

Janira decides to go down to the pool, so we see her telling Reya goodbye and walking down the hallway and into the elevator. Once inside, she starts to press the button to go down and….yup….her skirt is gone and she is bottomless. An embarrassed and panicky Janira covers herself up, but she doesn’t know what to do – the door is going to open and people are going to see her standing there with just a top on! Omg omg!

We cut back to Reya, who is now standing in front of the window, trying to spot Janira down at the pool. She doesn’t see her, but she sees some cute guys who live in the complex and starts waving at them. What are they saying to her? She can barely make it out, but she giggles and tries to look cute. She gets a call from Janira who is freaking out and telling her that she’s in the parking garage naked and needs Reya to come down and bring her a towel. Rolling her eyes, she tells her that she’ll be there soon and hangs up. (We see Janira running naked through the parking garage). Suddenly, she feels her top slipping away and she struggles to cover up her boobs in time! It’s too late – they already saw her! OMG why is this happening to her?

Reya gets dressed and goes down to find Janira, talking about how mortified she is that those boys saw her lose her top like that. How is she going to face them now? She gets in the elevator and her skirt vanishes in thin air! Oh no!! GREAT. What is she going to do now? The door opens and one of the cute guys from the pool is standing RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER! Keeping herself covered with her hand, she stammers that she doesn’t know what happened and she was coming down and now her skirt is gone….it’s the weirdest thing….but maybe she should just shut the door now…

Janira gets off of a different elevator and runs naked down the hall to her apartment and finds a locked door. Omg what?? She quickly realizes that Reya must have taken the key with her and locked the door, so now she can’t get in! Omg omg!! She’s completely naked and desperately banging on the door – maybe Reya is still in there?? Omg, what is she going to do?

At the end, we see the ladies in the apartment full clothed and talking about their crazy day. How did this happen? It was soo embarrassing! They can never leave their apartment again now that EVERYONE has seen them naked!!

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April 15, 2019