Feverish Anabelle Pync Struggles Against Her Restraints

Feverish Anabelle Pync Struggles Against Her Restraints

Anabelle Pync plays a young woman named Courtney who is sick with some kind of fever. She wouldn’t stay in bed like she was told by her family, so they stripped her and collared her and tied her down to the bed for her own good. Her older cousin, Reya, has been asked to watch over her during her illness. Reya tells Courtney that she’s very sick and delirious so she has to be given extended bedrest in restraints until she gets better. Reya keeps Courtney naked and collared and tied down spread-eagle to the bed. Seemingly taking pity on her poor cousin, Reya makes sure Courtney has a cold washcloth on her forehead. Courtney asks why she has to be tied down like this. Is all this really necessary? Reya tells her that if she had only listened to the family and stayed in bed, they wouldn’t have to take such harsh measures. Courtney complains of being hot so Reya peels her blanket down, revealing her cousin’s sweaty, naked body. She tells Courtney that she needs her rest, so she leaves her to it. Courtney struggles and tries to free herself from her cuffs, but to no avail. She can’t even lift her head because her collar is tied down tight!

Reya comes back in after awhile to offer Courtney some water. She forces it down her throat, spilling it and tells Courtney that she needs to stop resisting so much or she will never get well! She sits down to keep a close watch on Courtney and tells her that she needs to just accept this and stop struggling. Reya lectures her a little more and then notices that her cousin’s pussy is looking dry. We can’t have that! So Reya gets a spray bottle of water and sprays it on Courtney’s pussy to moisten it. There we go, that’s much better! Courtney just keeps on struggling. Has everyone gone completely mad?!

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April 10, 2019