Dakota Charms Transforms into a Fanged Beast

Dakota Charms Transforms into a Fanged Beast

Pretty girl Dakota Charms starts us off in a tank top, short white skirt, and tall white stockings talking about how cute she is on the phone. She is too cute for those losers with no money, so she’s looking for a guy who can appreciate her assets. While admiring her good looks, she starts cramping up and doubles over in pain. First its her tummy, but then it starts hurting all over as her body starts changing. She doesn’t know what is happening to her, but she would be embarrassed if all her rich boyfriends saw her like this. She’s writhing around on the floor and has to take her clothes off. After screaming in pain, she finally before reemerging as a new creature- an with fangs who runs (and jumps) around on all fours. In Dakota’s naked body, this beast looks around the room wildly like she’s sniffing the room for a victim. Snarling, she jumps right at you, so it looks like she is craving your .

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April 17, 2019