A Gross Sea Monster Sexes Jada Stevens

A Gross Sea Monster Sexes Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens is relaxing after a bath when she is rudely confronted by an ugly sea monster who is moving towards her! Shocked, she tries to run away, but he tears the towel off of her body and corners her up against the wall! He begins to grope her breasts against her will and when he reveals his huge erect penis, she faints right then and there! The horrible sea creature picks her up and carries her to the bed, where he plays with her body and has his perverted way with her! He takes her in every and any position he wants to and when she wakes up, she is so completely disgusted she becomes catatonic, accepting her horrible fate. Sea monster climaxes inside of her while growling and spitting and she is left alone to recover from her hideous experience!

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April 23, 2019